How to clean the tiles? Destroy the fungus and get rid of stains!

Floor and wall ceramic tiles – is not only beautiful, but also practical. Tile is durable, easy to clean and perfectly combined with other types of materials. It would seem that this is the perfect coating has no downsides. However, one “but” still there. Tile grout. They can ruin a perfect picture. Look at how clean the tiles and permanently get rid of spots, fat deposits, lime scale and mildew?

At first glance, everything is simple: take a normal detergent and stiff side sponge remove limescale and dirt. But no! Really small amount of contamination can be removed in this way. But at the same tile joints become dull and dirty looking. A “caring” for the flooring so constantly, you can wait for the odor of dampness and congratulate themselves and with the advent of the household mold.

Porous tile seams need professional care, then there is a special cleaner. This product can be found in the line of Dutch producer HG – Dishwashing cement joints. It not only cleanse the joints, but also provide them with long-term protection from mold, mildew, grease and dirt. In addition, with this medication, you can restore the original color of the tile joints and back cover attractive.

How does the composition of HG means for washing the seams? The drug is available as a concentrate, which means that it is very economical to use. Judge for yourself: 250 ml of the product sufficient to protect the joints in an area of 30-40 square meters!

So, take the vehicle and its breed in warm water in a ratio of 1: 4. For the application of the resulting solution, we need a sponge or brush. Treat the tile joints and leave act on the drug for about ten minutes. Then rub in places stubborn dirt brush and carefully stitches smoem means water. Once dry seams, evaluates the results.

If you clean the tile joints for the first time after a long period of time after installation, it is likely that stains remain on the site of stubborn dirt. Treat them with a solution again, repeat the entire procedure above. But, usually one time is enough to remove even strong calcareous fat.

That is no more than 15 minutes to eliminate such problems as unsightly tile joints! 10 of them – this timeout action means, and only 5 minutes trying to apply and rinse agent! That is easily and effortlessly get rid of unpleasant stains and deposits on the tile surface.