Carpet Cleaning: folk remedies

If you have synthetic carpet stained, they can be removed with lemon juice. Stains from the juice, beer or wine can be removed in this way: rub the stain with a soft bristle brush dipped in soapy water and then wipe again with a brush, but dipped in vinegar solution (one part vinegar three parts water). Often we inadvertently spill on the carpet of tea or coffee. If you think that the carpet is hopelessly corrupt, then do not worry: try to put on the spot glycerol solution, and then wipe it.

If you want to return the carpet original freshness, use fine salt: sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit for a while, and then sweep up brush dipped in warm water. Fine salt will penetrate deep into the pile of the carpet and pull out all the dirt. The carpet will be more fresh and clean.

Traditional carpet cleaning at home – knocking and the spreading carpet dry in the fresh snow. First knock carpet air, then both sides clean snow. Please note that the carpet cleaning only dry snow: wet snow will melt and be absorbed into the carpet along with the dust. The most polluted places wipe hard lumps of snow. This is a very good way to clean, but it also has a certain flaw after “snow cleaning” carpet will have to be dried.

And, of course, not to mention about modern inventions by which carpet cleaning becomes easy and efficient: washing vacuum cleaners. They clean carpets steam and water, remove odors, kill germs and very well cleaned carpet. However, these vacuum cleaners are quite expensive.